Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my holiday in london

Recently I wanted to take both my sisters to a trip to a place that we've always dreamnt about since we were younger. Claire and Daisy and I are triplets. Unfortunately our mother died giving birth to us and our father financially struggled to provide us with what we needed. We all managed to finish school and I was the only one who got offered a scholarship to a prestigious university and I made sure that I completed that well so that I would be able to give my future children pretty and beautiful things.

We live in Australia and have always said we'd like to go to mum's homeland of England. One of my sister's is a chef and the other one is a stay at home who does volunteer work at the school canteen and homeless shelter. They are both quite happy people but I know they envy my lifestyle. So when we turned 35, I searched for hotels in London. I wanted the best. And I needed one to fit three grown women. We were going for two weeks and we'd be doing and seeing everything. It was the least I could do for them. I didn't have kids, I was single and I had the money, so why not? When we arrived in London, we immediately felt at home. It was the best holiday ever!